What do you know about G.M.O’s? March Against Monsanto May, 25th EVERYWHERE


We are what we eat.

If we don’t know what we eat we are in serious trouble.

Kansas, let’s unite and march against Monsanto, the enemy to all cellular life.

Act global,  get local, raise your voice and let the world hear you say NO!

March Against Monsanto Event List


Austin Schmidt event leader for Lawrence, Ks. http://on.fb.me/19kFXyc sanus.silentium@gmail.com Details: Meet at the park at 12th and Mass st. We can start marching at around noon, and if anybody wants to meet earlier and hang out beforehand, you’re more than welcome. This isn’t getting cancelled or held back, so don’t hesitate to invite people!

Get informed and take action.  The future generations to come are depending on you to do what is right.

Wichita,  Kansas:  Farm and Art Market 1st and Mosely 11:00am in CDT,  organizers  are Janice Bradley/Mike Shatz.


Check your area for an event, or create one!


Follow your heart and ask your friends family and neighbors what they know about GMO’s.

Monsanto forced through their law to protect them from having to label GMO food in the United States.  In Europe, it is illegal to not label GMO foods.



Tell Congress: No Free Pass for Monsanto!

Are Un-Labeled Genetically Modified Foods Already in Circulation?


Monsanto Protection Act Gives Monsanto Free Pass | Emergency …


What could they possibly be hiding in your food, milk and beyond?

Our Government is not going to protect us from Monsanto, so protect you and your family by labeling potentially dangerous items yourself.

GMOs – Label Them Yourself! http://farmwars.info/?p=7999

Monsanto employees refuse to eat GMO foods in their cafeteria and have a special section that serves no GMO food.

Monsanto – caused Indian farmer suicides every 30 minutes.

Monsanto is responsible 200,000 Indian farmer suicides between 2000 and 2010.

http://www.care2.com/causes/monsanto-blamed-for-200-000-farmer-suicides.htmlMonsanto miracles

See you in Lawrence,  Kansas  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM CDT May, 25th.  40 + Nations uniting against Monsanto.


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