Life’s school & Love’s the lesson: Babies in a Minefield Philosophy of the Global “Elite.”

Life is school & Love is the lesson.

Our Nation needs to have individuals leading with honest & real values created from kind hearts. The one’s who truly care about America and all her children young & old.

America, Nevada, Kansas, Missouri all states need to do what is right!

David Lory VanDerBeek is a leader that represents the free Republic! This great man needs to be one leading & helping our falling Republic. We need to have each state in the Republic return to being fully restored. To ensure every young child & citizen, all citizens of the free world are able to keep this unalienable freedom. Freedom from the nightmare of globalist rule. A new world order: Bondage where ALL are under their control. Controlling all with their fear based mentality, their only acceptable reality.

David’s philosophy is the healthy & positive direction the Nation & World need to adopt as policy. The world needs to stop & expose the Global elitists theatre of darkness created for our minds to agree to & believe……this monumental Lie:  We are no longer going to BUY their ugly Petro Phama G.M.O. Federal Reserve, IMF, NATO, Military-industrial-corporate-complex War Machine scam!
The Global elite who hoard empires & continents, our collective enemy. Who only force and use force to negatively push controlled dis-information through every medium via subliminal advertising. Control they create…. the illusion they have all the control………Their illusions are fading from our realities.

This is a sick game they like to play their sick mentality of greed driven hatred, the world is ready for a change for the better, this must come to an end.
They are playing a game with our lives, our planet, fevering the ego’s of the chosen Global Elite. Like a cancerous growth, the global shadow crime-family who created their own Monopolies through World Wars & covert wars. Now they only want TOTAL control over ALL people of ALL nations!

A literal minefield for the masses nearing 7 Billion. It is a challenge to rise above & survive for anyone of the “non-chosen.” Time has come to make a difference & to take a stand. My convictions & all of you reading this are going to make this world only a better place for all life so we all have an opportunity to reach our greatest potential.

We can and we will all survive & thrive.

The Global elite are the root of all our problems they create by design ALL the problems facing our World today. We the people get the blame. We are guilty before innocent we are being divided to keep us from our success!

David’s message and passion contains only real love. We who share these values and ideals work only through and with Love, we are going to unite this nation again. 

I share this value creating a grand & only positive reality, carefully choosing strong words harnessing the focused intent. Creating a future reality that’s only positive. Striving to manifest thoughts that address anything we need to stop the beast preventing the human family from progress.

Babies in a Minefield Philosophy of the Global “Elite.”

“Babies in a Minefield Philosophy of the Global “Elite.” Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek.  Essentially, it’s how they create a predatory system that attacks you from birth beginning with vaccines and they think this is justified because if you happen to rise to greatness in spite of the minefield they’ve set up then you are one of them. I am the patriot elite and we believe in nurturing human beings to greatness, EVERY HUMAN BEING. We cast away no one. The global elite murder millions…”

Real news is information people do not want revealed, everything else is just advertising.





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One response to “Life’s school & Love’s the lesson: Babies in a Minefield Philosophy of the Global “Elite.””

  1. bbom says :

    awesome blog to read…love to read it, thanks for all. bbom bbom bbom bbom bbom

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