Bio Weapons Lab Plum Island moving to Heartland of Kansas

Department of Homeland Security disclosed serious catastrophic risks Kansas and surrounding states will be forced to endure, if lawmakers insist on passing this insane proposal. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, we need to examine the government’s track record & long list of cover-ups that expose’s the hidden experiments  conducted without public knowledge. Who are the people selling out Kansas for personal and political gain, a Bio Weapons lab here will put us all in grave danger. What would this do to our heartland when the lab releases a Bio weapon like foot and mouth disease to infect the livestock?

Disaster is all Kansas will ever gain relocating a BIO Warfare lab to the University of Kansas Manhatten, located in the Heart of America’s breadbasket. Risking the majority of our nations livestock and agriculture.  We must act now, I am taking action to stop the disaster’s of epic proportions from becoming a reality for Kansas.

NBAF Not Get Built? Brownback Says It Could Happen Without State Support…..

Do not think the elected officials who are pushing for this have your safety in mind, they are not representing we the people anymore. 

“Monster Island For Sale by Department of Homeland Security”

“President Obama’s FY2014 budget requested $714 million for the top security animal disease lab proposed for Manhattan, Kansas.  As part of that request, the state was asked to contribute  $202 million. That’s in addition to almost $150 million Kansas has already committed.

Some Republicans in Topeka suggest Governor Brownback’s request for an additional $202 million in bonds for the proposed animal disease lab represents a “moving target,” and want to be reassured the state isn’t going to be responsible for more than it can afford for a federal facility.

It’s a bulls eye target for terrorist attacks, tornados are also a big risk. Who made the deal to put us all at extreme risk if Kansans builds the Bio weapons lab in your backyard? Did Homeland Security Build A Dangerously Vulnerable Research Facility in Tornado Alley Because of Politics? “We don’t really know. But the draft of a GAO risk assessment says the decision was based on “unrepresentative accident scenarios,” “outdated modeling” and “inadequate” information about the sites. Gee, I’m not feeling real good about that:…”

Plum Island bio lab an inviting target for terrorists.

Kansas now is the time we introduce new proposed Bill’s into Legislation making it illegal to house the Military Bio Weapons facility, Plum Island in the State of Kansas.

Look back at our Military’s track record for conducting illegal and dangerous expirmaments on our own people. Plum Island has a notorious bad history of releasing pathogens and man-made biological agents on the unsuspecting public & wildlife.

DHS: 70% Chance Disease Will Escape Proposed Bioweapons Lab in Tornado Alley

Never forget what the American military did to the men from the Tuskegee experiment & top secret Cold War experiments conducted on the public.









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2 responses to “Bio Weapons Lab Plum Island moving to Heartland of Kansas”

  1. Klondike Kate says :

    Excellent post! I see people are already on top of this action and that is very comforting, to all of us in America. This is a really BAD apple at the bottom of the barrel.

    • thomasjamesford says :

      The truth is far stranger than fiction ~ Arthur C. Clarke
      This is the tip of the iceburg.

      Thank you I agree Kate.

      America is on a collision course with this ice burg like Titanic was 100 years ago.

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