Know your enemy

Know your enemy.

The value of life is priceless we are all alive and free.

Our country was founded to grant us all freedom, privacy, diplomacy,unity and harmony for all.  I need to make this State of Kansas as great as it can be!

Our quality of life is the most valuable asset for each and everyone of us. I am concerned with our state’s gross domestic Happiness. We should all  be happy and healthy as possible.

I am here only to help this great State of Kansas. For we the people. I want each and every one to thrive! Life’s absolutely priceless, life has all the value Kansas let’s shine! We are all equal. That’s why the Bill of rights and the Constitution were written. Current Kansas State Governor Sam Brownback. (R) Plans to sign a bill that makes abortion totally illegal.
It will also allows doctors to not disclose information to their patients & lie to them.

My inspiration is my family, I love them so much. I know I must take action and defeat Sam Brownback.

What would Jesus do?

I know he would be doing what your doing or your father, mother sister or brother. The ones we live and love for.

It’s wrong to lie and  cheat for more money, and pass laws taking away rights from the people.

Kansas Abortion Bill: Governor Sam Brownback Likely To Sign Sweeping Legislation

Brownback, speaking to The Huffington Post Monday following the National Governors Association meeting, said that while he has not read the 69-page bill, he is likely to sign the proposal since he opposes abortion rights. Brownback, a former U.S. senator, has signed several anti-abortion bills since he took office last year.

The latest bill — which is scheduled to be discussed by a legislative committee for a second time on Wednesday — contains a number of provisions which would give the state one of the most sweeping anti-abortion laws in the nation. Among the provisions is one which would exempt doctors from malpractice suits if they withhold information…

Doctors will not be liable for lawsuits from deaths cause by this bill.

Does that sound like the actions from a person who cares? He did not even read the bill. This will be allowing doctors to lie and cheat. That puts more people in harms way causing more pain, suffering, death, debt, that is not from a loving heart.

My convictions are stone solid and only between myself and our Creator.
A non-breakable bond. I am ready to give my life for freedom.

For my sisters baby on the way, and my five year old Nephew Fallon. I love my family, I love all people I was born because my mothers first child was stillborn. I have a grand love for life and am very against any action that is cruel.

Love thy neighbor? Every one we meet & pass in our lives is your neighbor. I Love All People I want to help make Kansas and this nation as great as it can be. I have the courage I have no fear I have made my choice.
I choose to rise up with Nevada Governor 2014 David Lorry Vanderbeek

I’m for the little feller, NOT the Rockafeller.

Two have risen and there will absolutely be more.
David is the one who inspired me to run for Kansas Governor.
Nevada Governor 2014 David Lorry Vanderbeek


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